BSP Motor Sports Vision

BSP Motor Sports is dedicated to delivering the best possible service at the best price to our customers.  We consistently seek to update our knowledge, allowing us to be at the top of our game and give our clients the most accurate information about their vehicle.

We’re proud of our ability to exceed our customers’ expectations while maintaining a challenging work environment for our team and creating a balance between servicing high performance cars and the everyday vehicle.

Brandon Piper

Brandon looking up specs

Some would say that Brandon was born with a wrench in his hand, but his family will tell you it actually began when he was three.  Brandon’s first mission was taking apart his tricycle and his skill of taking it apart excelled, however getting it back together was another story.   The wheels were set in motion and for the next 15 years there were bicycles, motor scooters, fast cars and anything that had moving parts which begged to be taken apart. While finishing high school Brandon was in a work study program where he began his automotive career changing engine oil at Valvoline. Because of his extreme talent and dedication, he became manager of that Valvoline location before graduating high school.

Brandon realized he did not just want to sell air filters and transmission flushes his entire life so he decided to enroll at Wyotech Mechanic Repair Training, in Sacramento California.   He completed classes in general automotive, chassis fabrications, and high-performance powertrain and graduated in December 2008. Upon returning home from California he joined Goodyear Tire and Automotive as their lead mechanic.  While gaining auto experience and more business knowledge while working at Goodyear, he met his mentor who introduced him to the world of racing.

Constantly learning, pushing his limits and serving his clients beyond what was expected, Brandon was asked be the lead mechanic and track support for a Viper race team.  He traveled to some of the finest racetracks in the country gaining more experience, knowledge and exposure.  Brandon finally chose to open his own shop in April of 2013 and he called it BSP Motorsport, initially specializing in high-end and exotic cars.

Brandon knew racing was a seasonal sport and continued to grow his high-end and exotic cars business. Within 18 months of opening, he expanded BSP by doubling the shop space and adding additional equipment to be able to take in almost any type of vehicle and to help meet the demand for his exceptional work.

Brandon’s business primarily comes from referrals. And the reason is because he values his clients and continues to operate with the following demenor!
•    (B) Best
•    (S) Service
•    (P) Provided

Brandon proudly claims “My customers are my best referrals and I look forward to many years of servicing my current and future customers.  My greatest satisfaction is doing what I love which started as a mere dream and now turned into a successful business.”


When we say Ryan is on fire when he works in the shop – we mean on FIRE!

Who helps Brandon at BSP?

Ryan Wensel

Ryan is a home grown mechanic and  has learned from some of the best in the business.  His skills at diagnosing the problem, daily fixing it quickly and delivering on his promise are second to none.

Ryan is the proud dad of 2 little girls and understands the importance of a well working family car as well as his ability to fine tune high performance vehicles.

Brandon and Ryan are the most honest, high integrity mechanics you will ever meet.  Here’s what others have to say about their amazing skills and fair business practices.

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Interesting facts:

  • Together Brandon and Ryan have worked on over 43,743 cars
  • They’ve worked on over 817 million dollars worth of cars
  • Combined work experience of over 23 years in amazing learning environments
  • They both have learned by trial and error
  • Together Ryan and Brandon have $115,758 worth of tools and specialty equipment

What do they value?

Brandon – quality work at an affordable price – dedicated to best possible service from high performance vehicles to everyday family autos and prized treasures in between.  Precise actions enhance performance.

Ryan – balancing clients’ needs with his allotted time in shop.  Loves solving clients’ challenges while developing their trust and loyalty

Nick names:

Brandon – Car whisperer (Viper Villain – from his Viper clients)
Ryan – Auto Ninja (and best dad ever – from his 2 children)

Quote to live by:

Brandon“Mountaintops inspire leaders but valleys mature them.” – Winston Churchill
Ryan“I’d rather wear out, than rust out!”